Newly Published: Culturally Responsive Measurement Tool – Protective Factors 

Since 2020, Best Starts for Kids has been working with The Capacity Collective to develop the Culturally Responsive Measurement Tool – Protective Factors (CRMT-PF) for organizations to use, with the goal of developing a culturally responsive, multilingual tool to measure protective factors in families. We hope this tool will be used to measure outcomes related to protective factors for community designed promotion, prevention, and early intervention programs for families with children and more largely demonstrate the value of culturally responsive evaluation for other large systems-change or publicly funded initiatives.  

What are Protective Factors?

To learn more about the CRMT-PF, visit our reports page to see all published reports, quick guides, and resources. View the CRMT-PF Quick Implementation Guide to learn more about the tool, including information on who should use the tool, how to use it, and when to use it.  

Access the new resources and tool using the links below:  

Community Validation

The English CRMT-PF was community validated between 2020 and 2022 with key communities identified by King County: 

  • Black & African American 
  • Indigenous/American Indian/Alaska Native 
  • Hispanic or Latino/a/x 
  • Asian (Chinese, Vietnamese) 
  • African (Somali, Ethiopian) 
  • Middle Eastern or North African 
  • Pacific Islander 
  • Families of children with special needs 

Implementation Study 

The English CRMT-PF is currently undergoing an implementation study with the support of two Community-Based Organizations serving families in King County. This study will help The Capacity Collective ensure the implementation of the CRMT-PF for programs will be culturally-responsive for families, and be both meaningful and easy-to-use for the programs who will use the instrument.  

Coming Soon: More Languages!  

The CRMT-PF is currently undergoing a community validation process to test the instrument in four additional languages: 

  • Somali 
  • Spanish 
  • Simplified Chinese 
  • Vietnamese 

After the Community Validation process, the Somali, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese CRMT-PF instruments will go through an Implementation Study to ensure the integration of the instrument into programs is as culturally-responsive as the instrument itself. Implementation materials (such as the Implementation Guide and Scoring Tool) will be adapted and translated as appropriate to support the CRMT-PF in each language. 


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Community Validation 

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