Keeping Children Safe during the 2023 Wildfire Season  

With rising temperatures and dryer conditions, the 2023 wildfire season is expected to start early in King County and last into the fall. Follow these health and safety tips below to help you and children in your care stay safe. Here is information provided by Public Health – Seattle & King County:  

Wildfire smoke is unhealthy for everyone, especially after heavy exercise or spending long periods of time outside. Children are more sensitive to heat and wildfire smoke than adults because their lungs and bodies are still growing.  

In preparation for wildfire season, Public Health recommends taking the following actions to help protect children from smoke and unhealthy air quality: 

Please share this one-pager with schools, child care providers, youth programs, and communities caring for children:  

Additional information to stay safe during wildfire season  

For print materials, information, and tips in multiple languages, visit the Wildfire Smoke Preparedness page. 

For additional information on how to prepare for an early and long 2023 wildfire season, read the Public Health blog on Public Health Insider. The blog post is available in Chinese, English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.  

For information on preparing for hot weather, visit the Hot Weather Preparedness page. 

For information on indoor and outdoor air quality, wildfire smoke, and other related topics and resources for child care and early learning programs, visit the Child Care Health Program – Air quality, outdoor safety and weather page.

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