Recognizing our YouthSource students and graduates

Students, graduates, and staff gathered outdoors at YouthSource in Tukwila at the end of June to celebrate the end of the academic year and recognize students who had received their GED or high school diploma, completed internships, or made progress toward post-secondary education or a career. The lively celebration included a DJ, drill team performance, photo booth, food truck, and speeches recognizing students, graduates, and staff.

“The completion of my GED is just the beginning, there are many more achievements to come… Working with [the YouthSource team] has been great. They have seen the changes I have made and the effort I put in to advance and move forward despite everything I’ve been through,” said YouthSource graduate Christian Rivera-Ochoa in a speech to fellow students and graduates. “YouthSource is much more than a high school completion program to me. I know I have friends there who I can count on that will support and guide me.”

Christian Rivera-Ocoha, YouthSource GED graduate

YouthSource is a ‘one-stop shop’ for young people ages 16 to 24 who want support completing high school or a GED, finding a job, or going to college. The YouthSource team provides a fun, supportive, and affirming environment along with comprehensive services for young people completing a GED or high school diploma and moving on to college and a career.

YouthSource graduate Christian Rivera-Ochoa shares his diploma alongside family and friends. “The completion of my GED is just the beginning,” he said in a speech to fellow students.

“We are so proud to celebrate our students every year, but especially this year,” said YouthSource program manager Jamalia Jones. “This year has been extremely difficult, but many of our young adults have challenged themselves to keep moving forward, whether it was attending online classes, finishing an internship, completing financial aid or simply staying in contact with staff. That was an accomplishment and reason to celebrate!  We are so thankful to all of our community partners, Renton Technical College instructors, and Northwest Education Access that help support our young people. It truly takes a village.”

Jamalia Jones, YouthSource Program Manager

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Congratulations YouthSource students and graduates!

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