Best Starts 2022 Annual Report and Data Dashboard is now Live!  

We are excited to share our 2022 Annual Report: Learning, Growing, and Thriving!  

In 2022, Best Starts for Kids expanded into new investment areas, responding to community input and need, including funding equitable access to high quality, affordable, and well-compensated child care. Best Starts launched an equity-centered capital program to build, repair, and expand community spaces to better serve communities. Best Starts extended contracts to support continuity of services, offered 34 funding opportunities, and distributed over $110 million to community partners. Best Starts partnered with more than 450 community-based organizations operating more than 500 programs to reach over 264,000 children, young people, families, and community members across King County. 

Best Starts is deeply grateful for what we learned and continue to learn from community partners. The upheaval of COVID highlighted the strength and resilience and great need in community. Community partners emphasized the need for more resources to equitably staff their programs. Partners are eager to collaborate with each other: build networks and synergize efforts to cultivate a more equitable King County. In the second levy, Best Starts continues to grow the strong foundation already built, maintaining current investments in promotion, prevention, and early intervention, while deepening investments to address community needs. 

Read the 2022 Best Starts for Kids Annual Report!

Check out our NEW data dashboard!  

The Best Starts for Kids Data Dashboard provides additional measures for Best Starts for Kids programs, customizable data views, and greater geographic and financial detail regarding the second levy, organized by section and investment area. Readers can navigate by clicking the gray navigation bar at the top of the dashboard, with investment areas matching their respective colors in the report. In many sections, readers can select specific strategies, programs, or topics of interest via a dropdown menu beneath the list of investment areas. 

The Best Starts for Kids Dashboard includes the following sections: 

Who do we serve? Provides information on communities served by race, gender, and age, organized by program, strategy, and investment area. 

What are our results? Provides information on the quantity, quality, and impact of Best Starts, organized by strategies and programs within each investment area. 

What are we learning? Provides thematic information from community partners about successes, challenges, changes, and impact stories, organized by investment area. 

Where do we reach? Provides information on Best Starts’ reach geographically within King County, organized by investment areas that enroll individual participants. 

How do we support communities? Provides information on Communities of Opportunity’s reach geographically within King County. 

What do we invest in? Provides fiscal data, including terminology and notes. To view fiscal table, click the blue bar at the bottom of the page. The fiscal table is organized by investment area with breakdowns by strategy. 

Resources and notes Provides information on data collection, evaluation, methods, and considerations. 

View the Best Starts for Kids 2022 Data Dashboard

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