Centering Youth Voice: The Youth Bill of Rights Project

The Youth Bill of Rights (YBOR) is officially happening! We are excited to kickstart this youth-led project and share how young people across King County can participate and directly support the well-being, health, and happiness of their peers and communities. Follow along to learn more!

To begin, what is the mission of the YBOR project?

Ultimately, the YBOR project will identify the wants and needs of children and youth across King County to help guide leaders as they make decisions that affect the health, happiness, and hopes of young people in our region. The idea for this project was proposed by youth leaders in 2015. We’re now ready and excited to support their vision and bring it to life!

Great! Why is it called the Youth Bill of Rights?

Good question. Through our survey, we will hear directly from youth what rights they think that they should individually and collectively have as a community. After multiple rounds of engagement with youth across King County, our YBOR youth leaders, and supporting partners, the final list of rights will create a document called the Youth Bill of Rights. This bill will be presented to our local policy decision markers, the King County Council.

Got it! And remind us why it is important to center youth voice?

Over the past month, we’ve welcomed nine incredible youth Task Force members! Here’s what they’ve shared with us on why THEY think youth voice is important:

The YBOR Task Force members will partner with the young leaders of the Children and Youth Advisory Board to lead the YBOR project. These young people will play an important role in this project by reviewing input provided by other young people and shaping the final list of rights to accurately reflect the needs and wants of their community.

How can youth get involved?

There are a couple ways that youth can participate over the next couple of months:

  1. Declare your rights through the Youth Bill of Rights Survey! If you are 24 years of age or younger and are currently living in King County, we would love to hear from you though our short survey. All participants will also be entered in a raffle for the chance to win a $100 gift card!
  2. Become a Youth Bill of Rights Ambassador! Our YBOR Ambassadors are critically important as they directly engage with other youth and get their community excited about centering youth voice and declaring their rights through our survey. If you are or know a youth who might be interested in becoming a youth leader by presenting at peer groups, clubs, and school, learn more about this paid opportunity here.
  3. Follow and share the YBOR Instagram account! Our ambassadors will continually share updates and future opportunities.

Learn more about the YBOR project here.

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