Training and support for Best Start for Kids Awardees during COVID-19

Since fall of 2019, Best Starts for Kids offers Best Starts awardees coaching to strengthen their infrastructure and skills multiple areas through our capacity building program. Support includes board and organizational development, data and evaluation, finance, human resources, IT, legal support, marketing, and equity and social justice. Best Starts wants our funded partners to thrive as they provide vital assistance to families and kids.

The COVID-19 pandemic brings unprecedented challenges to many Best Starts partners. Some have had to discontinue, limit or substantially modify their community services. To address some these challenges, our capacity builders are producing a series of webinars to be released over the coming weeks.

Live Webinars

Board of Directors’ Role during COVID-19

Organizations are under intense pressure during these times, and Executive Directors can’t do it all alone. This crisis demands that Boards step up to mitigate risk and ensure strong programs. This session highlights the importance of the relationship between the ED and the Board Chair and provides strategies for engaging board members while helping them remain resilient. It will also identify key areas that board members should focus on right now.

Please contact Catherine Verrenti at or Douglas Corpron at with questions or if you are planning to join.

When: May 27th, 10:00 -10:30AM followed by optional Q&A peer learning.

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Remote Collaboration with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

Learn about using Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive for internal and external collaboration. Learn how to use technology for organizational file sharing, inviting external users to Teams, and creating unified workspaces for projects. This webinar is for organizations already using Office 365.

When: May 29th at 11AM

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Cash Flow Projection and Fiscal Scenario Analysis

Now more than ever, organizations must examine their financial models to understand the timing and nature of changes in their revenue, expenses, and liquidity. This often requires development, use, and analysis of spreadsheet models to analyze the organization’s financial operations. This webinar will introduce tools and practices that can implemented quickly to help staff and boards select the correct model and make timely financial decisions.

Please contact Kristen Spangler at  or Douglas Corpron at with questions or if you are planning to join.

When: June 2nd, 2:00-3:00PM

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IT Security for Mobile and Remote Workplaces

With Covid-19, organizations are switching to remote work to protect their communities. At the same time, cyberattacks on organizations are increasing. This webinar demonstrates how to securely use cloud services and remote access technologies while minimizing frustration and maintaining  compliance to HIPAA, Business Associates Agreements, and other regulations.

When: June 3rd at 12PM

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Pre-recorded Webinar

Remote Supervision of Staff for Managers

Remote work has become a vital way for organizations to continue operating while maintaining the safety of our communities. This session will help managers set principles and create strategies for working remotely that are grounded in organizational mission, vision, and values.

Upcoming Pre-recorded Webinars

Community Trauma and Healing during COVID-19

This session focuses on the impacts of COVID-19 on community and the collective experience of trauma, healing, and survival. Participants will be equipped with tangible tools and resources for connection and collective healing.

COVID-19 through an Equity Lens

The pandemic has exposed longstanding inequities and injustices that lead to disproportionate impacts in some communities. This session explores historical and societal factors that result in the “vulnerability” and “disposability” of these communities, and provides guidance for embedding and elevating equity as we address the pandemic at all its stages. It also analyzes and allows for discussion on community resilience during COVID-19 and how to invest in communities most impacted by the socio-economic and health impacts of the crisis.

Fundraising in a Time of Crisis

This session focuses on virtual fundraising techniques and winning grants for nonprofits. Participants will receive guidance and skills in several key areas, including: how to carry out social media and crowdfunding campaigns; identifying target audiences; running a successful email outreach campaign, developing relationships with funders; and writing successful grant proposals.

All sessions, including live webinars will be recorded and shared on the Best Start for Kids YouTube channel. Best Starts awardees should watch for emails from their program managers alerting them to these sessions. We hope to offer additional virtual training resources in the future.

In the meantime, there continues to be capacity building support to help navigate through uncertain times. Awardees should contact their Best Starts program manager to connect with these free services.

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