Seeking Research Analysis for Prenatal to 5 Developmental Screening-Applications Due 9/28

Updated 9/18: New date for webinar information session:
Thursday, September 21, 3:30pm via Skype
Join Skype Meeting; Conference ID: 366249

Best Starts for Kids is requesting proposals from research organizations to conduct a “Prenatal to Five Developmental Screening Landscape Analysis and Strategic Plan.” Developmental screenings are a foundational element of health care and well-being for young children from birth through five years. While we know that developmental screenings are occurring in different settings throughout the county, we lack a comprehensive, accurate overview of where and when they occur. Information gathered will not only inform us of successes, gaps, and disparities, but will also serve as the baseline data against which we will evaluate our efforts to implement universal screening.

guest sign inThe Request for Proposals for a Prenatal to Five Developmental Screening Landscape Analysis and Strategic Plan is now available here. This link will take you to the King County Solicitations page.  You may enter the site as a Guest or, if previously registered, by logging on with your User ID.  You can scroll through the list to find the RFP or enter “Prenatal to Five” in the keywords search bar to locate the RFP. Responses are due by 2:00pm on September 28. 

Scope of Work

Landscape Analysis

  • Present a comprehensive overview and specific current details and baseline data related to developmental screening in King County.
  • Engage in extensive stakeholder outreach, including meaningful participation with
    historically marginalized families, cultures and communities which may not have
    previously been reached or well served.

Strategic Planning

Create a Strategic Plan in collaboration with stakeholders for implementing a
comprehensive system of universal developmental screening in King County which
meets the needs of all children prenatal to 5 years, and their families, in all
communities, to be delivered throughout all child/family/community systems.


After the completion of the Landscape Analysis and Strategic Plan, the Research Organization will continue to work with King County and stakeholders to help shape a future Request for Proposals for community based groups and agencies to implement recommendations from the Strategic Plan.


This funding opportunity is exclusive to research organizations with expertise in the needs of young children, families, communities, and the systems that serve them, as well as meaningful stakeholder engagement processes.

Info Sessions

In person: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 1:00pm in Conference Room 123, First Floor of The Chinook Building, 401 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104

Online: Thursday, September 21, 3:30pm via Skype
Join Skype Meeting; Conference ID: 366249


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