Announcing 23 Universal Developmental Screening Awardees 

At Best Starts, we know providing high-quality, culturally appropriate developmental screening throughout early childhood can have a big impact on a young child’s success in school and life. Our Universal Developmental Screening (UDS) strategy provides information, training, tools, and connections among providers to support families in celebrating their children’s growth and learning and identifying potential developmental delays. Learn more about the UDS strategy by reading our one-pager.  Through the Family and Community Developmental Screening request for proposals (RFP), organizations shared how they provide one or more of the following scopes of work: 

  1. Family-Centered Developmental Programs which partners with families to increase interest and access to developmental screening and referrals for young children, destigmatize developmental differences, and support parents/caregivers to become the trusted messengers of these topics in their communities.   
  1. Community-Designed UDS Learning Opportunities which partners with organizations and programs that have been delivering relational, culturally- and linguistically rooted, or responsive programming to young children and their families. Selected applicants will design and provide customized learning opportunities to the audiences of their choice on culturally situated topics related to early childhood development.   

We’re excited to announce the 23 awardees for our Family and Community Developmental Screening RFP!  

Afghan Health Initiative 


Childhaven/Harborview Pediatrics Clinic

Children’s Therapy Center 

Chinese Information and Service Center 

Communities of Rooted Brilliance 

East African Community Services 

Encompass Northwest 

Families of Color Seattle 

First Five Years & Beyond 

FW Black Collective 

Indian American Community Services 

Intercultural Children & Family Services 

Iraqi Community Center of WA 

Korean Community Service Center 

Mary’s Place 

Mother Africa 

Hummingbird Doulas 

No Limits Therapeutic Services 

Open Doors for Multicultural Families 

Perinatal Support WA 

Vietnamese Family Autism Advisory Board (VFAAB) 

Villa Comunitaria 

A look at the work ahead 

UDS partners will increase interest and access to developmental screening and referrals for young children and design customized early childhood development learning opportunities that are culturally rooted, family-centered, relationship-based, and strengths based and inclusive.  

Read about the 23 awarded organizations and the work they’re doing in their own words:  

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