2019 Stories: Centering Practices in Tradition and Culture

As we look towards a new year, we simultaneously reflect back on our community relationships and the lived experiences of youth, children, and families across King County — honest and real stories we are fortune to share.

In 2019, Best Starts invested $40.5M in programs that span from prenatal care to early childhood education.

From providing expecting parents with culturally relevant healthcare to supporting our children at their first day of kindergarten, our community partners are truly the backbone of our work. They work their hardest to ensure that every child, parent, and family they support is happy, healthy, safe, and thriving.

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In our first story, meet Madeleine Fry and her daughter, Winona.

Madeline first learned about Daybreak Star Doulas through a training program for indigenous women.

Camie Goldhammer, Daybreak Star Doulas’ program manager, and her team of doulas provided the postpartum care critical to Madeline’s recovery.

“Our doulas take on the traditional role of a grandma or an auntie — we are bringing indigenous practices of women supporting women back to our community.”

Daybreak Star Doulas — launched in 2019 with funding from Best Starts for Kids — works to disrupt these trends and to promote health and well-being for Native families.

Their all-Native staff delivers services embedded in indigenous practices and culture.

“My focus is [on] incorporating traditional medicine and indigenous practices into how we support women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum care, no matter the outcome of the pregnancy.

Camie Goldhammer

The care and support Madeline received, from navigating challenges with breastfeeding to help with cleaning the house, were foundational to her healing and bonding with Winona.

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