Partner Highlight: Look, Listen and Learn

Meet Auntie Lena and Possum:

They are the stars of our own local, early learning television show called Look, Listen and Learn (LLL). Best Starts for Kids is very excited to support Look, Listen and Learn as part of our Innovation strategy.

Early Learning Tool

Early learning shows matter because we know that the brain develops an incredible amount during those early years. High quality content shows offer one more tool in the larger toolbox to support kids in healthy brain development to set them up for success in school and in life. Early learning shows can help normalize learning and provide accessible education in a way that encourages healthy interactions between caregivers and kids, from reading to other activities.

As an early learning educational program, LLL helps bridge the achievement gap by featuring local enrichment venues and applying brain development knowledge to foster learning and enhance caregiver-child relationships. The achievement gap in Washington state continues to be “led” by children of color. Meanwhile, children of color also lead in television and media consumption. By showcasing Black and Indigenous people and people of color learning, teaching, and exploring, television becomes a tool to provide positive media representation of diversity as well as greater access to early learning principles in more homes.

Representation in Media

Look, Listen and Learn is unique as its primary audience are families of color. POC (people of color) families are so excited to feel represented in the show and Look, Listen and Learn goes farther than providing diversity. The show’s lead is a woman of color and the kids highlighted in the show are of color. Representation matters. Viewers will see themselves positively reflected in Look, Listen and Learn, which can help build greater confidence and pride – essential elements in a child’s readiness to learn.

Local, Community Partnerships

Look, Listen and Learn is also local! The content is relevant to local King County families and they partner with local venues to showcase the amazing resources available to families in our community. Direct feedback and input from community members is a core element of Look, Listen and Learn show development, often visiting spaces that are meaningful for families of color like the Northwest African Museum. Collaborators provide not only venue space but also materials and production elements for television segments filming purposes.  The community based partners are trusted ‘town criers’ or community messengers. They share in promotional outreach efforts and provide access to children, families and civic institutions who are committed to equity and educational justice. Meet Learn, Listen and Learn partners here.

The goal is to produce high value media content for kids that is also a public good. All Look, Listen and Learn current and future episodes can be found on YouTube. The Look, Listen and Learn team is working to create 13 episodes as that is the minimum amount needed to pitch to local channels to air. Distributing the content more widely via local tv channels creates more accessible public value.

Here is What You Can Do

Want to support Look, Listen and Learn? Subscribe to the YouTube channel and don’t miss an episode! Watch it with your kids and share it as an amazing resource with other families, especially POC families. We want our POC families to feel seen, valued and encouraged to have fun while learning! You can view LLL’s second episode below:

Want to be a collaborator or partner? Email

Congrats to the LLL team on their amazing progress and we can’t wait for future episodes!

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