Communities of Opportunity connects Rainier Valley residents with tech careers

The Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) recently featured Communities of Opportunity’s  work to expand local hiring opportunities for communities of color.

From the WTIA blog . . .

I (Dan Bernard) work for King County on the Communities of Opportunity (COO) Initiative, and a goal of the COO Initiative is to ensure all residents thrive economically. To reach this goal, we work with employers and community members to help expand local hiring practices and provide underserved communities with more access to better paying jobs.

We used this strategy to organize the July 21st Diversity Panel and Resource Event on Technology Industry Careers, with the support and partnership of the WTIA Workforce Institute and other private, public, and community partners.

A total of 110 community members attended our tech career event in Rainier Valley to hear directly from technology professionals, employers, and training providers about new opportunities and resources meant to attract more women and people of color to enter our local tech workforce. 75% of the attendees were people of color and nearly half were from COO communities.”

Read more of the post here



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