Best Starts is Seeking Community Workgroup Members to Improve Access to Services for Children 3-5 with Developmental Delays or Disabilities: Apply by May 31!  

Best Starts is seeking 8-12 community members to join our Three-to-Five Community Workgroup to think deeply about the current landscape of services available to children aged 3-5 with developmental delays or disabilities and their families across King County.  

The purpose of this workgroup is to learn about resources and services available to children and families, learn about family needs, and develop community-guided priorities to improve access and eliminate barriers. This workgroup will make recommendations to King County for strategic priorities to improve access to services.  

Stipends will be provided to workgroup members. The application deadline is May 31, 2023.  


We are seeking community members who are interested in this topic and represent the diversity of families in King County. We encourage you to apply if you identify as: 

  • A family member or caregiver with experience navigating systems for children aged 3-5 with developmental delays or disabilities; 
  • A provider serving young children and their families; 
  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color individuals; or 
  • Persons with disabilities. 

Time Commitment

Workgroup members will have 90-minute meetings on the following months:  

  • June 2023 
  • July 2023 
  • September 2023 
  • November 2023 
  • January 2024 
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