Free 1:1 Mental Health Supports – join us next Wednesday!

Join us next Wednesday, May 25, from 6-8 pm for free virtual mental health supports offered by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color providers, energy workers, and cultural healers!

Intentions for this space:

  • Provide a safe space centered around BIPOC and those most impacted by COVID
  • Share resources and offer mental health support to BIPOC community

What to expect:

  • FREE Mental Health check-ins (SPACE PERMITTING) with a counselor available from 6pm-8pm.
  • If you are interested in meeting with a counselor after the event, sign up any time by selecting “tickets” and “add on” within the sign up page below. You can also sign up with a counselor by emailing

Meet the providers:

Vanisha Austin
Energy Healer (Holistic Care, Multicultural Communities) providing healing in a group setting! 
Learn more about Vanisha’s work here.

Throughout my life I have always been told I am a healer. My late husband was a healer, though he never called himself that. He had so much faith in me. I am forever grateful for his wisdom, his teachings, being chosen and loved by him. I was so distraught after losing him that I was always seeking answers all around me.

I finally took classes at Psychic Awakenings. The original intent was that I wanted to be able to discover and trust my own answers. I thank Madeline for her support and her compassionate guidance. This is where I took my first Healing Hands I & II classes and was the inception of unfolding my healing gifts, as well as receive healings throughout the process. Now I support others to unfold their healing gifts as well.

Tanya LesaneLicensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

Focus: Faith Based, Black, POC Communities
Learn more about Tanya’s work here.

I foster a self accepting environment free of judgement and condemnation.. I provide patient focused evidence and faith based practice. Life is complex and we are uniquely created.. As such, so should your care be tailored to to support and yet challenge you in a way that is meaning forming and habit.

Dr. Jean-Roberto Don

Focus: BIPOC Communities

Dr. Jean-Roberto Don believes in a holistic approach to physical medicine, providing alternative solution for chronic pain. By combining different physical therapy and manual therapy techniques with nutrition, counseling and biofeedback techniques that could help addressing the underlying cause. Dr. Don specializes in physical medicine, sports injuries, pain management, stress management and weight management. He has advanced training in Biofeedback/Mind Body Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy and IV Therapy.

Mike Swann – Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)
Focus: Multicultural/Black Communities
Learn more about Mike’s work here.

My name is Mike Swann and I am a mental health and rehabilitation counselor. I specialized in working with individuals with severe mental illness and disability. I can help you work through serious trauma in your life. Mental health is a serious issue that we all must work on. I would be honored to be your therapist. I am here to help you find your pathway.

Dania Uritskiy – Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)
Focus: Spanish and English Speaking Communities)
Learn more about Dania’s work here.

I work with people dealing with anxiety, depression, and trauma, people working to overcome social anxiety, and people exploring multi-cultural identities. Through a warm connection, I help you explore your life, heal from previous trauma, and improve your self-love. I am also particularly interested in working with people who have newly immigrated or grew up in a bi-cultural household, and I help people work through the chaos that can arise from navigating between your family’s values, American values, and your own values. I provide therapy in both English and Spanish to create a deeper level of understanding and connection.

Derek Cooper – Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)
Focus: Black, People of Color, and LGBTQ Communities
Learn more about Derek’s work here.

I work primarily with individuals and couples who are hoping to work through anxiety and depression. I have extensive experience helping clients work through addictions, identity crises, self-esteem/confidence issues, emotion management and past traumas. I work with people from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and identities and have a particular expertise in working with people of color and the LGBTQIA community. I prioritize creating a respectful and non-judgemental environment.

This event is hosted by the South King Emotional Wellness League (SKEWL)! SKEWL was formed to address the emotional well-being of historically marginalized communities in South King County most impacted by Covid-19 and police violence. Learn about the SKEWL here.

As the pandemic hit our communities, King County launched the Community Well-Being Initiative (CWI) and brought a deepening focus on supporting our communities’ mental health needs. Best Starts works with CWI to build community capacity to share resources and deliver culturally relevant programming on emotional health and well-being in order to reduce stigma associated with metal health topics and reinforce compassion, connection, and care in communities. This collaboration helps us reach and focus on young folks who are Black, brown, Indigenous, and people of color who have been underserved.

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