Infant Mental Health Landscape Analysis RFP Open! Due 4/12

The King County Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS), Developmental
Disabilities Division (KCDDD) is requesting proposals from Research Organizations to conduct an Infant/Early-Childhood & Family Mental Health (IECFMH) Landscape Analysis and Strategic Plan for King County. The three-phased cycle of work will include: Landscape Analysis, Strategic Planning, and Implementation.

The request for proposals to conduct an Infant/Early-Childhood & Family Mental Health Landscape Analysis and Strategic Plan for King County is now available here. 

See additional details, attachments, and download the RFP here. This link will take you to King County Solicitations. You may enter the site as a Guest or, if previously registered, by logging on with your User ID. Type “infant” in the search bar to locate the RFP.


During the early years of life, children develop the capacity to form close and secure relationships with adults and peers; experience, communicate, and respond to the full range of emotions; explore the environment; and learn. This development is guided by families, communities, and cultures. The early identification of needs and the provision of culturally relevant, high-quality, relationship-based promotion activities, prevention programs, and treatment services, increases the opportunity to nurture the social, emotional, and behavioral development of children and their caregivers through the first five years of life. The intention of BSK is to build a comprehensive system of IECFMH supports and services across this continuum for all children and caregivers living in King County, in partnership with and bolstering community-based supports.

It is known that IECFMH supports and services are occurring in different settings throughout King County; however, the breadth, depth, and accessibility of these services is unknown. The goal of the Landscape Analysis is to identify the successes, gaps, and disparities of existing supports and services, as well as generate the baseline data against which we will evaluate our efforts to build a comprehensive system of IECFMH in King County.

Commitment to Equity

Equity and Social Justice is an integral part of the County’s work and foundational to the work of Best Starts for Kids. Our goal is to ensure that all people, regardless of who they are and where they live, have the opportunity to thrive, with full and equal access to opportunities, power, and resources.

For all Best Starts funded programs, we seek to support organizations that are reflective of and embedded in the communities they serve, and recognize and address the disparities and disproportionality that exist in our communities.


Organizations with expertise in researching the needs of young children, families, communities, and the systems that serve them, as well as meaningful stakeholder engagement processes are encouraged to apply.

Available Funding

Award will be based on successful bid to one research organization, and is dependent upon the availability of County funds. Funding is subject to change per King County discretion.

Scope of Work

Phase 1—Landscape Analysis (12-18 months)

  1.  Present a comprehensive overview and specific current details related to the existing Infant/Early-Childhood & Family Mental Health system in King County for children and their families spanning the prenatal period through the first five years of life, including the availability, accessibility, gaps and barriers.
  2. Arrange meaningful stakeholder engagement with comprehensive representation of all King County families and communities.

Phase 2—Strategic Planning (6 months)
Develop a strategic plan for a coordinated and comprehensive Infant/Early Childhood and Family Mental Health system in King County that reflects stakeholder feedback, collaborates with relevant  existing supports, services, and strategic planning, includes promotion, prevention, and treatment services, and contributes to greater equity for all families and young children living in King County.

Phase 3—Implementation (12 months)
The Organization will assist in facilitating the expansion and assessment of the IECFMH system. The Organization’s role during Phase 3 will be further contingent upon the specific finding of the first two phases of the project, though may include on-going stakeholder engagement, support with recruitment of community-based projects, and on-going IECFMH system evaluation.



RFP Issued


Information Session

Online conference only.  To join the presentation, click hereAudio via phone at 206-263-8114, Conference ID: 7780473

3/20/2018 at 2PM

Final Day to Ask Questions


RFP Responses Due


Responses Reviewed and Rated

Week of 4/16/2018*

Interviews with applicants (if necessary)

Week of 4/23/2018*

Notice of Selected and Non-Selected RFPs


*Dates are subject to possible change

Need help? Get free assistance applying

Help preparing your application is available at no cost to support Best Starts for Kids applicants. Providers offer a wide range of skills, areas of expertise, and language abilities.

See the list of providers and contact information for technical assistance here.

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