Best Starts homeless prevention approach in the news

teens0003_jpgThe first strategy funded by Executive Constantine’s Best Starts for Kids initiative is focusing on preventing youth and family homelessness. The approach is based on a highly successful pilot project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The three-year pilot project focused on helping survivors of domestic violence remain in safe, stable housing. Ninety-six percent of those in the program still had housing 18 months later, and 76 percent needed only minimal services after 18 months.

Focusing on the specific needs of individual parents and caregivers

Rather than having a limited number of options for those who are at risk of being homeless, the customized approach starts with case managers focusing on the specific needs of individual parents and caregivers. Examples of customized interventions include helping a parent pay for a commercial driver’s license so he or she can remain employed, get clothes for a new job, or help with the first month’s rent.

Take a look at a selection of  recent news coverage about the approach.

How to save children and families from becoming homeless (Seattle Times)

New levy helps ease homelessness (King 5)

King County executive previews first Best Starts for Kids strategy (Kent Reporter)


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