Best Starts launches community-driven exploration to cultivate collaboration in Home-Based Services strategy

Community leadership is essential to the creation of projects that effectively reach families, pregnant people, babies and children. With that in mind, we’re launching community meetings across the county to help us create a continuum of services for our Home-based Services strategy. 

Our Home-based Services strategy focuses on creating systems that provide parents with resources that support healthy births, parents’ knowledge and confidence, parent-child attachment, positive childhood development, and school readiness. Learn more about our Home-based services strategy by reading our one-pager here.  

Starting in October we will host meetings with community organizations in different King County regions to support cultivating a collaborative and coordinated approach prior to the release of the Home-Based Services Funding Opportunity. We hope to invest in ways that inspires organizational cross-collaboration, rather than competition so families across our communities benefit and organizations have a strong referral system with one another.  

Attend our upcoming community meetings 

Register here for upcoming community meetings! Providers located and serving children and families in North and East King County will meet beginning October 14. Providers in Seattle and South King County will meet beginning October 21.   

These community meetings are open to home-based service providers, community organizations interested in starting up a new home-based service, and organizations currently receiving Best Starts funding. If you have any questions about these meetings, contact Adrian Lopez Romero at

To learn more, please join us at the Best Starts Fourth Quarter Virtual Open House on September 28.  

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