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Hello community,

We’d like to share a quick update with everyone! As we continue to lay the groundwork for Best Starts 2.0, we’ve heard good questions asked by community members across Best Starts’ many areas of work. Today, we’re sharing out some of the most commonly asked questions you’ve asked us and our updated frequently asked question (FAQ) page! You can check out the full FAQ page here.

How do I learn about upcoming Best Starts opportunities, events, and related news?

The best way to hear about upcoming funding opportunities and other Best Starts events and news is to subscribe to our blog and newsletter:

  • Subscribe to our blog here
  • Subscribe to our newsletter on the right side of this webpage here to receive new request for proposal (RFP) opportunity notices and our monthly community newsletter

You can also follow us on Twitter (@BestStartsKC) and Facebook for the latest updates!

To see what RFP funding opportunities are open, upcoming, and closed, check out our calendar here.

I have a question about an open Request for proposal (RFP), who should I reach out to?

There are three ways to ask questions about an open RFP:

  1. Attend a virtual information session to ask your question during the event! Check the RFP document in ZoomGrants to see when the info session is and to view more details. All questions and answers asked will be posted in the Q&A section on ZoomGrants for all to access.
  2. Directly email the RFP Lead – you can find their contact information on the funding opportunity’s ZoomGrants page.
  3. Submit your question through ZoomGrants.

If you would like to learn more about the RFPS and get one on one support with your application, please reach out to a technical assistance consultant – you can learn more here!

Where can I find data to support my application?

Best Starts values the use of multiple sources of data and information. While the use of data resources is not required, we have compiled some King County data resources to assure equal access to information. Indicators identified for Best Starts, including data on many issues related to children, youth, and families with breakdowns for geographic and racial/ethnic communities, can be found here.

You can also find more data about King County on the Communities Count website.

Can I email our application to the RFP lead instead of submitting on ZoomGrants?

All documents to be submitted in response to this RFP should be uploaded through the application platform, ZoomGrants.
We encourage you to double check the application deadline and submit your application through ZoomGrants early! If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, please reach out to ZoomGrants as noted on each RFP early in the process. If the issue cannot be addressed through ZoomGrants, then reach out to the RFP lead.

To ensure that applicants are equally evaluated, we cannot accept any applications submitted past the application deadline.

Can for-profit organizations apply for funding?

Yes! For-profit organizations can apply unless it specifically states in the RFP that they are not eligible.

My organization works across multiple Best Starts funding areas. Can I apply to more than one RFP and area?

Yes. Best Starts strives to release our RFPs in a timely, staggered manner so that organizations are not overwhelmed with applying to multiple funding opportunities all at once. Receiving an award in one area of work does not exclude you from eligibility in another area.

Will organizations who received funding in the Best Starts levy have a stronger chance to receive funding?

All applicants applying to a Best Starts opportunity will be evaluated according to the scoring criteria included in the RFP. Please read the scoring criteria in each RFP carefully to understand what the reviewers will be reading for in the proposals. 

If you have a question related to Best Starts for Kids and don’t see it above or on our full FAQ page, please email us at!

If you have a question about a specific open funding opportunity, please submit your question through the Contact Admin tab in ZoomGrants prior to the date and time indicated in the request for proposal (RFP) document. Responses to all questions received will be posted as an RFP addendum on ZoomGrants.  

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