Now Accepting Applications for Communities of Opportunity (COO): Partnerships, Community of Practice

Deadline: August 27, 2020

Communities of Opportunity (COO) currently works with nine Place Based and Cultural Community partnerships in King County. Each of these partnerships has a lead organizer whose role is to support the coordination of the activities of all partners, convene and strengthen the partnership and manage the deliverables of the COO funded activities. For this Request for Applications (RFA) COO seeks an individual, organization or team to co-design with COO staff a peer learning group “Community of Practice”, for the leads of COO partnerships.

This Community of Practice is intended to be a space for leads to engage in peer learning and facilitated activities and conversations to develop, learn and practice effective techniques and skills to build partnerships with deeper relationship, trust and conflict resolution skills. This role is responsible for planning, coordination and facilitation of the Community of Practice.

Image from 2018 Power of Partnership Event: A person is writing on a large flip paper on a table while others look on and chat in the background.

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Download the full RFA document for details (PDF)

Due date: No later than August 27, 2020 by 12:00 pm

Contact: Chris D’Abreau,
Submit application to:

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Pre-application Conference (Information Session)

Communities of Opportunity will conduct one pre-Application conference for this RFA. This conference will be an opportunity for interested organizations to hear more about the program and to ask questions about the program and/or the application process.

Info session: August 12, 2020, 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Join online:

  • Meeting ID: 848 0139 2993
  • Passcode: 636218

Join by Phone: 253-215-8782

  • Meeting ID: 848 0139 2993
  • Passcode: 636218

Project Scope
Consultant is be expected to:
i. Engage with community members, including COO funded partners and aligned community members/organizations; facilitate meetings and events consistent with COO values and principles; and operate to ensure an anti-racist, culturally-relevant, and equitable learning environment;
ii. Maintain all work products, including any research, study, technical assistance or other products, and provide copies to King County/COO; and
iii. Meet and consult regularly with COO staff and work as part of a collaborative consultant team to build a shared learning platform that will convene cross-sector stakeholders invested in greater racial equity across King County.

i. Co-design model of Community of Practice: COO Partnership Leads
ii. Convene and facilitate at least 8 sessions with Partnership leads
iii. Compile research and activities into handbook for COO, participants and COO network
iv. A written compilation of learnings and reflections, and recommendations on next steps
v. Present model, approach and reflections to COO stakeholders

i. Participate with the other consultants in a one-day team building workshop to learn about the history and principles of COO, explore shared values for engagement with community members, and expectations and working norms for the team.
ii. Conduct assessment of partnership needs and interest
iii. Research best practices for partnership and coalition building
iv. Identify potential guest speakers or trainers for sessions
v. Develop agendas and activities for each session
vi. Work in partnership with COO Learning Community Administrator on logistics and planning
vii. Develop toolkit for COO Partners on Best Practices and activities to build partnerships
viii. Synthesize reflections and evaluation materials from each session to inform future sessions
ix. Meet with partners and COO staff to design and implement activities
x. Participate in evaluation activities, as requested by COO Evaluation Team

Individuals, organizations (non-profit, private, and public corporations), or teams with demonstrated expertise to perform the scope of work are eligible to apply.

Investment Available and Contract Term
Up to $50,000 is available and includes consultant fees only (co-design and planning, development, facilitation, reporting), additional budget for logistics and implementation costs is available through COO Learning Community Administrator. The contract term is for 15 months (10/1/20 – 12/31/2021), with an option to increase or extend depending on funding availability, contractor performance, and project need.

*UPDATE* Informational Session and Q&A Recording:

COO Partnerships, Community of Practice Informational Session 8.12.20 Recording
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