Announcing New Positive Family Connections Awards

Life is full of changes for children, youth and families —from experiencing puberty, graduating from middle school to high school, to welcoming a new baby. We want young people and parents to have the tools they need to navigate life healthy and happy. Our Positive Family Connections strategy funds organizations that provide supports to families who are experiencing major transitions so that family connections are strengthened amidst significant changes and sometimes shifting relationships.  

We are excited to announce all Best Starts awardees receiving Positive Family Connections funding: 

African Community Housing and Development  


API Chaya 

Bellevue Boys & Girls Club  

Congolese Integration Network  

Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association

Eritrean Association in Greater Seattle  

Inspirational Workshops  

Neighborhood House  

Planned Parenthood of Greater Northwest and Hawaiian Islands  

Program for Early Parent Support  

Progress House Association  

Schools Out Washington (Soar)  

Seattle Cares Mentoring  

Somali Family Safety Task Force 

Southeast Youth and Family Services  

Southwest Youth and Family Services  

Vietnamese Friendship Association  

Urban Native Education Alliance  

West African Community Council  

No two families are the same and we are so glad to support diverse organizations offering a range of programming. Examples of Family Connections partner programs include: 

Southeast Youth and Family Services’ Strong Connections – Powerful Futures program aims to increase positive experiences and relationships between youth and their parents. From increasing knowledge of youth development to decreasing isolation between parents and youth, they work to bridge the cultural divide often felt particularly hard in immigrant and refugee families. Which is why Mary called Southeast Youth and Family Services for help when she needed to re-engage with her 16 year old son. She felt she had lost him to digital screens and longed to reconnect.  

Progress House Association/HBR facilitates family reunifications between incarcerated parents and their children. For parents like Yvonne, the guilt and grief over the long separation from her children was heavy. The moment she was no longer incarcerated, her priority was to reunite with her children. Many incarcerated parents have experienced intergenerational trauma, and reconnecting with their children in a safe environment with structured programming is important for rebuilding relationships. 

Congratulations on your awards! We are grateful for the important work you all do to support community.

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