Nurses, Libraries and Early Learning Bring Fun and Resources to Families

This week is the 20th anniversary of Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) at Public Health – Seattle & King County! To celebrate our nurses and their wonderful work, we are highlighting a fun collaboration between NFP, Vroom and the Seattle Public Library called Loud at the Library. Best Starts for Kids funds both Nurse Family Partnership and Vroom at Public Health – Seattle & King County.

At Public Health Seattle & King County, nurses in the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) program take a very relational approach. The program matches mothers with registered nurses from pregnancy through a child’s second birthday. Meeting in the homes of the families they serve, NFP nurses help transform the lives of young, low-income mothers pregnant with their first child thanks to strong relationships. 

In 2018, more than 869 families teamed up with registered nurses who regularly visit them at home to help them raise happy, healthy children.

As trusted messengers, NFP nurses do much more than make referrals. They collaborate with partners to offer resources and opportunities both convenient and appropriate for families. For example, nurses often use Vroom to encourage fun interactions between moms and babies. A nationally recognized tool, Vroom turns brain building science into simple, easy to use tips that parents and caregivers can incorporate into their everyday lives. Thanks to King County’s Best Starts for Kids, Vroom is being culturally adapted for Somali and Latinx communities so the science-based tool is more accessible and relevant for more communities.  

Another creative collaboration is Loud at the Library, a partnership between Seattle Public Library, Public Health–Seattle & King County, Nurse Family Partnership and Vroom. Loud at the Library events help moms and babies feel comfortable coming to the library in a very welcoming environment and in the company of a trusted relationship–their NFP nurse.

Participants at Loud at the Library at Beacon Hill Library

The location rotates between libraries so families can attend where most convenient for them depending on the neighborhood where they live and transportation options. The gatherings include culturally appropriate stories and early literacy tips plus time for free play, snacks, art, and socializing. Parents are able to benefit from these offerings even more because they trust their nurse to hold their sleeping baby or entertain a toddler. In this safe and supportive environment, parents can then apply for their free library card and connect with many other community resources. 

When participants leave saying, “When can we do this again?,” the nurses and partners have affirmation that leading with relationships works.  

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