COO Learning Community Consultants RFA

NOTICE (8/24/18): Due to the services being requested under the Communities of Opportunity Learning Community Consultants RFA, we must place this RFA on hold while we work with King County Procurement to reissue. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope the delay will be brief. The best way to be notified about the RFA reissue is to sign up for email updates and/or the BSK blog.

About Communities of Opportunity

Communities of Opportunity (COO) aims to create greater social, racial, economic, and health equity through community-driven solutions and strategies that affect long-term systems and policy change.  The initiative is made up of and governed by a collaborative partnership of leaders from our community, government, and philanthropy who are directing resources to priority communities where the greatest gains in health and well-being will lead change throughout the county. COO is supported through a partnership of King County and Seattle Foundation.

To learn more about the upcoming COO RFAs, sign up to receive Funding Notices from King County.  You can also subscribe to the Best Starts for Kids blog and learn more about COO on their website.

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